White A4 Dye Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper For T Shirts / Sublimation Mugs

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Dye sublimation paper blue white A4


Sublimation paper is applicable to sublimation transfer, on which can print images with mirror reversal through inkjet printing, flat printing, screen printing and gravure printing. Then transfer the image onto media by heating and pressuring, which can make ink on the paper become gaseous state and combine with the media.


# # Color:white
# Size:A4
# Printer for our products: nkjet printing, flat printing, screen printing and gravure printing
# To use a dedicated sublimation transfer ink: must use the sublimation transfer ink, this ink with the dispersion of dye, it will produce sublimation and dyeing with the substrate at the transfer temperature.
# Adjust the appropriate hot pressing temperature and time: thermal transfer temperature range of about 180-230 , time about 10-30 seconds.


Sublimation paper is used for polyester material fabric and sublimation coated products like sublimation coated mugs, ornaments, glass etc.. There are piece size and roll size sublimation paper. Piece size like A4 and A3 size is used for polyester tshirt, sublimation mugs, ornaments some small types products.Both types need to use inkjet printing, flat printing, screen printing and gravure printing, the link must besublimation ink.


# # Sublimation transfer graphics colorful, rich, the effect can be comparable with the printing.
# Thermal sublimation transfer is in the high temperature so that thermal transfer ink sublimation into the object by heat, it will show brightly colored images after the condensate.
# Thermal transfer products durable, the image will not fall off, crack and fade.
# Transfer rate: the transfer rate of our products in the same product is better, the transfer rate is a basic performance of transfer paper, is the difference between the characteristics of ordinary inkjet paper, a good transfer rate can be transferred Color is more beautiful and save ink.
# Ink compatibility: Our transfer paper can be adapted to a variety of transfer ink, making the transfer paper coating can suit various of the solubility ink, so that the ink pattern on the transfer paper can be refined and not pass through coating on the end of the paper caused by low transfer rate.

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we will use the stander export carton to make sure the goods is not damaged., we can provide goods within a week if we have enough raw materials at store.

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