Tackifier Resin With Low Molecular Weight C5 BT - 2104 For Masking Tapes

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Low Volatility Low Odor Tackifier Resin C5 BT - 2104 for Solvent Based PSA Tape 1. Specifications: - - - - C5 BT-2104 | BRAND NAME | BITONER | Specific gravity ,@25 | 0.92-0.99 | Wax Cloud Point(C) | Max85 | SP (C) | 95-105 | ACID VALUE | Max 0.3 mgKOH/g | COLOR G# | Max #4 | MELT VISCOSITY (200C) | Max 500 mPas | - - - - 2. Description: BITONER BT-2104is mainly used in PSA,Hot Melt Adhesive and Sealants. It is thermoplastic, low molecular weight, slightly yellow aliphatic resin obtained from petroleum-derived monomers. Characterized by low molecular weight,narrow MWD,low wax cloudpoint, good compatibility with APP, APAO, Natural Rubber, SIS, Butyl Rubber and other polymers. 3. Applications: Solvent based PSA,HMPSA,Hot Melt Adhesive,Sealants. 4. KeyCharacteristics: Good thermal stability Low volatility and low odor Water resistance Low Molecular Weight and Narrow MWD Excellent compatibility with SIS,and other polymers Low Wax Cloud Point 5.Package 25kgs net Kraft Paper bag or 500kgs/1000kgs in bulk bags. 6. Storage and Transport Store away from sources of heat or ignition; Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight; Store away from oxidising agents; Store containers securaly sealed and protected against damage. 7.CAS No. Designation: 64742-16-1 Hydrocarbon resin 8. H.S. CODE: 39111000 PSA resin, C5hydrocarbonresin,C5petroleumresin

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