Stainless steel steam treatment sintering Powder Metallurgy Parts with TS certif

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Stainless steel powder steam treatment Sintered Metal parts with TS certificate


- - - -
Product Material | Fe-based powder |
Other special materials: copper/bronze/iron/etc |
According to customer drawing |
Process Technology | powder making |
Heating and pressing |
Sintering and Surface Treatment |
Heat Treatment and Grinding |
Milling |
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F50 U3 66 Sintered Parts for automotives

Dimension: D47XD42X5

Raw material: F50 U3 66 sinter powder metal

Hardness: 70-90HRB

Net weight is 101.44g

Density: Not less than 6.8g/cm3

Steam treatment: 2H high temp steam holding time

Thickness of Fe3O4: 0.004-0.005mm

Die tooling design and making in house

Ultrasonic clearing and auto de-burring

Quality control

Professional precision manufacture for many years

1. Quality control: The defective products rate is 0.1%. Imported material 100%

2. Reasonable price. Precision made. Experienced & Responsible QC that you can reply on

3. Each part would be given 100% test and tryout before shipment.

4. Adequate supply capacity. Punctual delivery time

5. Best after sales service is provided.

The sintered parts havethe followingmajor advantages:

(A) High precision due to mold- Based production

(B) Low price due to its inherent feature of automation for mass production

(C) Flexibility of material composition due to wide variety of powder formula on Fe- Cu- Ni alloy


1. Tool Parts

2. Pump Parts

3. Machinery Parts

4. Motorcycle Part

5. Locomotive Parts

6. Automotive Part


- - - -
Experience Equipments | X-ray material testing equipment |
Roughness testing |
Durability test |
Hardness testing |
vibration test stand |
High-low temperature equipment |
Performance simulation test bench |
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