PTFE Plus Filler CNC Machining Parts Ring Gasket And Fittings For Automobile

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PTFE CNC machining ring gasket and fittings with good insulation properties


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Material | PTFE |
Color | White, black or any other |
High and low temperature resistance | -200 - 260C |
Processing | Machine or by mold |
Dynamic friction coefficient | 0.2-0.3 |
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Only high temperature element fluorine, alkali metals and it works on all the other thick, dilute inorganic acids, alkalis, esters had no influence


Smooth surface

High mechanical strength

High temperature application range

Chemical and corrosion resistance

Low coefficient of friction

Fine finish by CNC machined

We can manufacture various PTFE irregular shaped parts by compression molding and CNC machining

for the applications that require high purity, chemical resistance and thermal properties. Quality meets or

exceeds the highest standards in this field.

PTFE has excellent corrosion resistance, but under load will creep phenomenon of cold flow, ordinary

PTFE materials are hard, toughness is poor, but our factory the production of Teflon Washer is made

through a special process modification, comprehensive performance is greatly improved, especially the

creep resistance.

Teflon Washer Product Category:

PTFE gasket, PTFE bars, PTFE pads, PTFE insulation sleeve, PTFE tape, PTFE insulation pads


A. electrical insulation parts

B. sealing parts

C. automobile parts

D. corrosive fluid conduit

E. connector accessories


1. Low MOQ: It can meet your business very well

2. OEM accepted: Just provide drawing or sample

3. Good service: We treat clients as friends

4. Good quality: We have strict quality control system. Good reputation in the market

5. Quality Control: Approved by GB/T 19001-2008/ ISO9001:2008

6. Fast and cheap delivery: We have big discount from forwarder(Long Contract)

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