ODM Sinter Powder Metallurgy Parts with CPK and control plan for home appliance

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OEM or ODM Sintered Metal parts with CPK and control plan used in home appliance


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Stainless steel: SS303, SS304, SS316 etc. |
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Parts Name: Sintered Power Metal

Application: Sintered Clutch of Power Tools

Material: Fe/C/Cu

Hardness: Hv 650 ~ 800

Density: 7.0g/cm3

Heat Treatment Requirements: Hv 550 0.2mm

Weight: 45 G

Type: Hand Tools, Combination, Saws, Screwdrivers, Wrench and so on

Production Capability: 150,000/ Month

Export Markets: Global

What are the advantages of sintering

1. Very high and uniform purity can be easily achieved

2. The simple fabrication process retains purity

3. Grain size is easily controlled

4. No deformation is needed to produce directional elongation of grains

5. Void density can be controlled

6. Objects can be created in any shape

7. Shapes can be produced that not be made by any other process

Product uniqueness

Some characteristic of the product (e.g. combination of chemical constituents, control over microstructure, control over porosity etc.) can be created by starting from a powder feedstock, which would be very difficult or sometimes impossible in conventional processing

Processing of materials with very high melting points

Powder Metallurgy enables the processing of materials with very high melting points, including refractory metals such as tungsten, molybdenum and tantalum. Such metals are very difficult to produce by melting and casting and are often very brittle in the cast state. The production of tungsten billet, for subsequent drawing to wire for incandescent lamps, was one of Powder Metallurgy's very early application areas.


Consumer electronics products, medical devices,

Sport equipment, motorcycle, automobile, aerial photography,

Model plane and communication


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Experience Equipments | High-low temperature equipment |
vibration test stand |
Durability test |
Performance simulation test bench |
X-ray material testing equipment |
Hardness testing |
Roughness testing |
Other special customized experience equipments for powder metallurgy parts. |
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