FC - 0208 wide groove sinter metal teflon banded piston , powder metallurgy prod

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FC - 0208 wide groove sinter metal piston banded teflon bands in car shocks


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Material | P/MCopperandCopperAlloys |
P/MIronandCarbonSteel |
IronAndCarbonSteel |
Iron-CopperAndCopperSteel |
SinterHardenedSteel |
CommixLowAlloySteel |
Surfacetreatment | SandBlasting |
Zinc/ChromePlating |
Rust-preventivetreatment(steamingtreating) |
Painting |
Electrophoresis |
PowderCoating |
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Shock absorber piston

Conventional design

With PTFE banded on OD

We can produce according to the customer's drawing

Middle part (sinter part), we can use the material as the customer's demand

Carbon content is 0.1%, copper content is 3% or other choice

Xia Yi is specializing in producing damper pistons. Our products are not only selling well in many cities in China, but also exported to many overseas countries and regions, such as Africa, South America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Our enterprise is trying our best to provide higher quality products at lower price, and bring you satisfactory customer service. We always optimize our products to meet different requirements of customers. We also provide OEM services. We do business in good faith and enjoy a good reputation for our good after-sales service.

After PTFE banding processing performance can satisfy the following:

1) Stress cracking test 150*500 hours

2) Drawing load test: 39.2 MPa x 10,000cycles

3) High velocity operation durability test: 1,000,000 cycles

4) Regular operating durability test: 3,000,000 cycles

No band peel off or breakage after test.


1. Automotive Part

2. Motorcycle Part

3. Heavy duty trucks


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Complex multi-level design |
Can absorb most shake when driving |
Significant increase in lifetime |
Flexile and convenient logistic service |
Standard material according to technical drawing |
Increased seal durability |
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