Density 2.13-2.20 Pure PTFE Teflon Parts With 19.2 KV/mm Dielectric Strength

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Density 2.13-2.20 pure PTFE parts with 19.2 KV/mm Dielectric Strength


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Property | Unit | Index |
Apparent density | g/cm 3 | 2.10-2.30 |
Tensile strength (min) | MPa | 15 |
Ultimate elongation (min) | % | 230 |
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PTFE is an engineering plastic with high comprehensive performance which other plastics can not be compared.

The advantages of ptfe filling machined parts as below:

1. The ptfe filling machined parts is widely applied in -180C~+250C for long time.

2. PTFE filling machined parts has good chemical stability and it doesnt act to the strong acid, strong alkali, strong oxidizing agents and other corrosive medium.

3. PTFE filling machined parts is the grade C insulation material and it has high electric insulation at any places and frequency.

4. PTFE filling machined parts has good lubrication properties. PTFE become harder and wear resisting after adding different filling materials. So PTFE is an ideal material of oil-free lubrication.

5. PTFE filling machined parts has good resistance to weathering. Surface of PTFE and all kinds of properties will be kept unchanged even if it exposed in the air throughout the year.


1. Automotive Part

2. Motorcycle Part

3. Pump Parts

4. Locomotive Parts

5. Machinery Parts

6. Tool Parts

7. Industrial parts


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1.Can produce according to customers drawings |
2.Advanced production equipment |
3.Complete set of inspection equipment |
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