Corrosion Resistance Carbon Graphite Filled Teflon Parts For Industrial Pump

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corrosion resistance carbon graphite filled PTFE product used in industrial pump


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1. Low water absorption |
2. Corrosion resistance |
3. Temperature resistance |
4. High diaphaneity |
5. Voltage resistance |
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PTFE Gasket Ring

Size: As customer's demand

Material: PTFE resin

Function: Good quality

Certificate: ISO9001 & TS16949

Packaging Detail: Poly bag + wooden cases or as customer demand

Delivery Detail: 2 weeks

Property of PTFE

Of all the known plastics, PTFE has some remarkable properties: it will not attacked by corrosive acids, even if they were hot; it did not dissolve in solvents; it could be cooled to -180C without becoming brittle and it could be heated to 260C without impairing its performance. PTFE materials also are extremely stable and nonflammable; clean, dry, non-oily and non-staining. The material is biologically inert and does not support biological growth (that is, it is non-pyrogenic). PTFE offer an extremely low static coefficient of friction, which stems from the extremely low intermolecular forces in the PTFE molecule itself.

Apparent Density: 2.1 ~ 2.3 g/cm3

Tensile Strength: 14.0 Mpa

Ultimate Elongation: 140%

Temperature: -20 F to 500 F (-180C to 260C)


1. Automotive Part

2. Motorcycle Part

3. Pump Parts

4. Locomotive Parts

5. Machinery Parts

6. Tool Parts

7. Industrial parts


- - - -
1. Can produce according to customers drawings |
2. Complete set of inspection equipment |
3. Advanced production equipment |
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