WaterProof Double Heads Rotating Face Brush For Sensitive Skin Quick Charging

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WaterProof Double Heads Rotating Face Brush For Sensitive Skin Quick Charging


Just massage your facial cleanser into your skin and let the power of the Facial Cleansing Brush go to work. Each rotation gently clears away make-up, oil and dirt, leaving your face clean, exfoliated and primed for hydration. Plus, it's water resistant, making it perfect for use in the shower. Your skin will feel smooth, refreshed, and refined. Proven results. Professional design.

That's Mooskin. Remove wrinkles, fine lines & blackheads Extracts bacteria Deep Cleanses pores of leftover make-up Buff away flaky, dry dead skin Softens & Smoothens your skin 5 accessories: Soft brush- Deep cleansing to prepare face for treatment Rolling massager- Stimulates blood circulation for anti-aging Make-Up sponge- Massages and clears skin. Latex soft sponge-Apply exfoliating cleanser under eyes and cheeks Red Pumice stone- Remove tough dead skin and calluses


# Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
# Helps reduce oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes.
# Helps reduce the appearance of visible pores. Suitable for use with any non-abrasive cleanser.
# Skin talks. Do you believe it
# Brand-new invention of Ultraviolet Sterilization Drying Health System with guaranteed anti-bacterial and skin-friendly effects:
# Slight shock of sound wave to make in-depth residue-free skin cleaning
# Infinitely variable speed for smart speed regulation
# One-hour charging enough for two-month usage

Potential Failure problems and solutions

This chapter summarizes the most common potential problems you could encounter with the appliance.

- - - -
Parts | Problem | Possible cause | Solution |
handle | The brush head get stuck, and cant install on the device. | The position is not right, lack of strength | Find the right direction and revolve the brush clockwise with some strength |
The big noise occurs during face cleansing | Brush is not soundly fixed | Check if the brush headfixed onto the right position |
The indicator light of the handle doesnt work | Bad contact with metal probe | Adjust the handle |
The product does not work when the button is pressed | Low Battery | Put the handle onto the charge port. When the right light is on, the battery is charged. When the blue light is on, then the battery is fully charged. |
+ or button doesnt work | Softly pressing | Press the button with more strength |
| | |
No device can be found during video detection | Doesnt connect to WiFi | Connect to WiFi with your mobile phone |
no face cleansing instrument is found | Please boot up the face cleansing instrument |
The face cleansing instrument cant enter into video detection mode | Please open video detection mode |
Cant find WIFI signal after switching into video mode for 30s | Possibly unsuccessful launch in video detection system | Wait for 30s more |
the WIFI signal of your phone may be unstable | Reboot your phone or change another phone |
Cant find WIFI signal after switching into video mode for 60s | Something wrong with video detection process | Swift from face cleansing mode to video mode again |
Black screen after connection | Input wrong password | Return to the detection page and delete the wrong information in the device management area; restart the one key connection, and input the right password |
Video images disappeared | Video detection mode is shut down | Press the function button for a short time to restart it |
Unclear video images | Maybe the lens is dirty | Clean the lens with a soft cloth |
| | |
| | |
The bottom case | Charging indicator light doesnt work | The power adapter is not well connected to the power outlet | Adjust the plug of the power adapter |
Air-drying system cant be shut down during working | Maybe the time you press the button is too short | Prolong the time you press to 1s |
Air-drying and disinfecting system of the bottom case doesnt work normally | the handle is not in the right direction | Put the brush in the right direction |
air drying system is shut up | Restart it |
sunshine/ultraviolet influences the intelligent detection system | use the product indoors |
Low battery | Charge the battery |
Bad performance of air drying system | Blockage of air at the intake of the bottom case | dont put the bottom case onto the soft blanket |
| | |
If the solutions above still cant solve your problem, please take the product to our service center. |
- - - -

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