Soft Facical Washing Electric Exfoliating Face Brush 240min Battery Waterproofin

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Soft Facical Washing Electric Exfoliating Face Brush 240min Battery Waterproofing

# nfinitely variable speed for smart speed regulation: The built-in chip is able to read the information at different parts of the face. Given the 13-gear infinitely variable speed regulation function, the most appropriate strength and gear can be located for the skin to achieve the perfect integration of cleaning instrument and the skin.
# One-hour charging enough for two-month usage: The intelligent charging management chip based on full-protection technology works to perfectly combine the fast charging speed with the lowest power consumption to create a super-strong sustainer.
# Nanometer-class DuPont hairbrush to satisfy different types of skin: The thinnest and softest nanometer-scale original DuPont hairbrush with the brush diameter measuring 0.03 mm is utilized to provide high-efficient cleaning and purifying; meanwhile, a professional selection of sensitive and non-sensitive brush head is equipped according to different types of skin for you to find your exclusive choice.
# Slightly tilted corner-rounded brush head for 360 cleaning with no blind angle: The fixed slightly-tilted corner-rounded responsive brush head can seamlessly attach to the skin with 0 distance, working jointly with the vibration massage to promote the exclusion of melanin and cosmetic residues out of the skin and enliven skin cells, giving skin the most considerate care.


# # Premium-Grade Material and Humanized Design Hundreds of micro massage heads are made by quality and safe silicone material that is imported from Europe. Those micro heads are slick and high-durable, they serve as facial scrubber for all skin type. The bigger massage heads on top make you focus on hard cleaning zone, such as nose. The other intensive and smaller heads gently soften horniness, increase cleaning frequency, fade dull tone and make skin white and even.
# Improve Absorption of Nutrients After opening and unclogging the pore, the unique innovative massaging mode to help your skin absorb creams, serums faster and deeper, can be used on body let your skin feels marvelous. Bring bright skin and facial rejuvenation, thorough exfoliating without abrasion.
# 5, Handy and Waterproof Design Size is as big as your palm. Convenient for you to pack it into the bag and take it anywhere. You vertically place the brush locker, keeping the brush dry and save space. Waterproof and washable Design ensure safely use the brush and keep it clean without hassle.


- - - -
Parametersmodel | Bottom case | handle |
Input voltage (V) | 12 | 12 |
Charging current(MA) | 800 | 800 |
Internal battery voltage (V) | 7.4 | 7.4 |
Standby current(MA) | 2 | |
Operating current(MA) | <120 | 60400 |
Shutdown current(UA) | | <50 |
- - - -

- - - -
Parametersmodel | Face-cleansing instrument |
Maximum power of the whole part(W) | 5 |
Input voltage of the power adapter(V) | 100240 |
Output voltage of the power adapter (V) | 12 |
Output current of the power adapter(A) | 2 |
Vibration frequency(n/min) | 150 |
Magnification of lens(times) | 50 |
Gear | 113 |
Battery usage time(min) | 240 |
Quick charge time(h) | 1 |
Waterproofing grade | IPX4 |
Length x width x height (mm) | 223mmX67mmX137mm
- - - -


ABS+PC machine meet the requirement of ROHS.

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