Rotating Electric Body Exfoliating Brush Cleaning Face Machine Anti Bacterial

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Rotating Electric Body Exfoliating Brush Cleaning Face Machine Anti Bacterial


7 Functions to Active New Purity Condition of Skin

# # Skin talks. Do you believe it
# Brand-new invention of Ultraviolet Sterilization Drying Health System with guaranteed anti-bacterial and skin-friendly effects
# Slight shock of sound wave to make in-depth residue-free skin cleaning
# Infinitely variable speed for smart speed regulation
# One-hour charging enough for two-month usage
# Nanometer-class DuPont hairbrush to satisfy different types of skin
# Slightly tilted corner-rounded brush head for 360 cleaning with no blind angle

4 Key Designs to Demonstrate Aesthetic Perfection

# # Spirit of craftsman, simple but not simplistic
# Scientific prudence makes perfect artErgonomic design embodied in the beauty of the hand product
# Ergonomic design embodied in the beauty of the hand product
# Solid base design for more slip-proof safety

- - - -
air-drying and disinfection | brush |
bottom case | intensity indicator light |
contact pin for charging | (+) button |
power button | (-) button |
Working indicator light | Power/video |
charging port | Handle |
| Micro lens |
- - - -

Cautions and warnings

Before using this product, please read the manual carefully and properly keep it for further reference.


Keep the power adapter dry.


This product can only be used together with the power adapter we supplied.

If the product, its accessories or adapter is damaged or destroyed, please do no use them so as to avoidany injury.

The adapter contains a transformer. Do not replace the adapter with another plug, as it may lead to some consequence.

Children should be supervised to make sure they do not play with the instrument.

Please do not insert any metal material into the charging port to avoid burn-out caused by short circuit.

Please do not use this product if you suffer from skin problems such as dry skin, wounds, skin diseases, sun burn, and skin infection etc.

Notice: Please do not use this product on sensitiveareas likethe eyes and so on.

Preparatory work before using this product


It takes approx. 1 hour to fully charge the product

Make sure that the power was switched off, and the handle is put in the bottom case.

Insert the small plug into the charging port of the bottom case, and then insert the power adapter into the power outlet.

Charging Indicator shows red light indicating the battery is charging. When the battery is fully charged, the charging light changes into blueand keep on.

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