GMP Standard Automatic Pharmaceutical Packaging Machine With Double Soft Aluminu

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GMP standard Automatic Strip Packing Machine for tablet or capsule with double soft aluminum foil

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1. PLC & Touch Screen Control

2. meet ISO, CE, GMP requirement


It is designed with success to meet the needs in the market by our own research fellows. It has PLC Human interface, frequency converter, higher automation, easy operation, beautiful style, full function, well performance and durability. It conforms to "GMP" "CE" standards.


1. Vibration feeder and crisp remover can effectively remove the powder and crisps inside medicine.

2. Auto counting, horizontal perforation, slitting, waster-side cutting, printing batch number and auto punch etc functions can be achieved automatically in one process.

3. The diameter of heat pressing cam can be changed from 110 to 140 mm.

4. The rotation speed of the material controlling cam is equal to heat pressing cam, and the cams equilibrium is equal to medicament nest of heat pressing cam. Therefore it can have the distance from the plate edge the medicament nest and the one between the central medicament nest be equal.

5. The punch adopts electronic checking signal and PLC programs. It can change the number of granules at any time in the horizontal direction of the plate, making the user free to change the plates without replacing the moulds.

6. Can be equipped with Optical Fiber checking device, reject lacked strip automatically.

Main Technical Specifications

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Model | SLB-260 |
Speed of Drum | 5-15 r/min |
Production Capacity | 600-1500pcs/min 6line |
Max. Wrapping Width | 260mm |
AL/PVC Laminated Film | 260x0.08mm |
Motor | 1.55kw |
Heater Power | 3kw |
Cutting Lines | 1-5package |
Overall Size(L*W*H) | 1800*900*1850mm |
Net weight | 850kg |
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