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PLC Controlled Blister Packing Machine For Aluminum Plastic Blister Packaging

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Material: Stainless steel 304

Blanking frequency:15-50 Cutting/min

Capacity of air compressor:0.36 m3/min

Model No.: DPP-250F

Capacity: 12000 Sheets per hour

Power Supply: 380V 50HZ Three Phase

Certificate: CE Certificate


1. Travel scope can be adjusted.

2. Alu Alu Blister Packaging is available for this machine.

3. Mould is located by locating groove which makes it easy to change mould. The machine heats the PVC through conduction and forms it through pressing and frothing.

4. The material is fed automatically. The mould and feeder can be designed as users requirements.

5. Speed is shifted by step-less transducer. Adopt the interface of human-machine and PLC programmable controller, it can synchronize accurately.

6. Adopt the equipment of trace pressing, batch number printing and scarp-collecting.

7. Stepping motor Pulling Material more accuracy and easy adjusting

8. The heating moulds will automatically separate when the machine stops, which contributes to protect the material between them and extend the machines life.


The machine is new product which is improved based on customers requirements. Its suitable for packaging of all kinds of liquid and solid in large & medium pharmaceutical factory, health medicine factory, hospital preparation lab, food industry, electronic industry, hardware industry, etc. It can protect the material from steam or dust, improve product packing degree, and increase the additional value. The machine is used to produce large quality and single product.


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MODEL: | DPP-250 |
Blanking frequency (Cutting/min): | 15-50 |
Sheet's quantity of one blanking (sheets): | 1-4 |
Capacity (sheets/hour): | 12,000 |
Adjustable scope of feed travel: (mm) | 10-160 |
Max Forming area and depth (mm) | 27012025 |
Capacity of air compressor(m3/min): | 0.36 |
Power supply: | 380V AC, 50 Hz, Three Phase |
Total Power | 8Kw |
Wrapper specification (mm): PVC Film Blister foil Alu Alu Foil | Max.270 (0.15-0.5) Max.270 (0.02-0.035) Max. 270*(0.11-0.25) |
Weight (kg): | 1260Kg |
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ALU/PVC blister packing machine, ALU/ALU blister packing machine, flat plate blister packing machine
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