Automatic Banding Pharmaceutical Packaging Machine For Cartons With Conveyor Bel

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Automatic Banding Machine with Conveyor Belt for Packing Pharmaceutical Cartons

Quick Details:

1. Automatic Stretch Banding/Bundling Machine to meet the versatile needs, such as cartons, blisters and the like, with PE film.

2. Balcony type of construction complied with easy operators approach and GMP standards.

3. Designed for easy rapid format-change.

4. Full automatic in-line, down stream automation or stand alone operation

5. Convenient and easy film loading and splicing.

6. PLC control with touch screen.


Film banding is the new packing style instead of shrink wrapping and cellophane overwrapping, this machine can be widely applied to pharmaceutical, food, graphics, cosmetic etc industries.


1. stacking mechanism adopt international advanced theory, using hand wheel to adjust the width, with a rotating collection frame (convenient to take out the blocked boxes).

2. turning box mechanism adopts synchronous wheel drive, which is characterized by low noise, fast speed, beautiful appearance and so on.

3. the machine adopts double roll film mechanism, no waste generation. When changing the film, only need to pull up and down the two roll film seal, press one button to seal together.

4. This machine is equipped with film collecting and film pressing mechanism, by adjusting the film collecting time and delay time to control packing tightness, convenient adjustment.

5. the machine can be connected with cartoning machine, weight checking machine and other equipment.

Technical Parameters:

1. Max Packing Size(LxWxH): 280x 180 x 120mm

2. Min Packing Size(LxWxH): 50x40x30mm

3. Packing Material: PE film, width: 35~80mm, film thickness: 50~80um

4. Packing speed: 18 - 22 bundle/min

5. Power source: 220V/50Hz

6. Machine power: 650W

7. Compressed air: 0.5~0.6Mpa

8. Machine size: 1050x600x1500mm

9. Conveyor belt size: 1150x200x800mm

10. Machine weight: 450kg


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