Stainless Steel 304 Floor Water Supply Manifold With Short Flowmeter

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Stainless Steel Floor Heating Manifold With Short Flowmeter-S.S 304

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ITEM NO.: JL8033-B

* Material: 304 stainless steel (nickel > 8%)
* Branch number: 2--13 holes
* Max. Work temperature: 95
* Max work pressure: 1.25MPa
* Distance of branch pipe: 50mm
* Height of main pipe: 40.7mm
* Length of main pipe: 125mm---735mm
* Diameter of end: F 1/G threaded
* Diameter of branch pipe: 1/2

Material: D304 stainless steel; Container Nickel: 7-9%

Branch: 2 ways to 10 ways

Diameter of main bar: 1 inch; Outside Dimension: 40*40 square tube

Wall thickness: 1.68mm; Radian: R3

Compression strength of main bar: 2 Mpa

Diameter of branch pipe:1216/1620

Working media: water and gas

Method of installation: fixed support

Structure: Flexibility can be replaced, upper profile for the flow meter(adjustable water balance), under profile for the brass thermostatic insert(to install automatic temperature control, thermal actuator) front end PPR25/32, 1" female connector enter and return water union combination valve (ball valve with filter combination valve), end side assemble automatic air vent and drainer combination valve(automatic air vent above, below drainer valve).

Surface treatment: Polished finish

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