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Reasonable Price Electronic Handheld Games 9D VR Cinema 3 Chairs

What is 9D Virtual Reality Simulator ?

Its unique successful commercial VR product. Viewers just need to wear VR glasses and then go into the world of the movies. It breaks the limit of virtual and real world and takes viewers amazing experience. It consists of three revolutionary new products :Interactive cinema with 360rotation function, Immersive Glasses, Breakthrough VR entertainment content platform.

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Production Description | 9D VR Cinema three seats |
Special effects | Leg tickle, air, ear wind, leg tickle, push back, vibration |
Feature | with special effect, leather seat |
Movies/Games | 360 degree/180 degree movies / interactove shooting games for choice |
Voltage / Power | 220V , 4KW |
Counting Management | Clear counting system |
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The function of 9D VR game machine

1. Free vision

Bionic 125 field of view,1080P HD resolution two eyes independently, without obstruction ,9d VR machine brings you the new funny world with real feelings .

2. Interactive cabin with dynamic 360 rotating platform platform effects.

3. 360 rotating platform moves according to the game which allows you to feel the real pleasure from the spatial displacement of the new funny world .

4. Head tracking target

With virtual reality 9D glasses 360 head tracking let you forget yourself but just inside the wonderful movies world.Boundless Universal, Endless Ocean, Hail of bullets. Fantasy you ever dreamed of will come true now.

5. Amazing virtual reality experiences

Explore every wonderful creation of our world, broadcast the moment at present, predict the future.

The advantages of 9d Virtual Reality Simulator

1. Compared with the traditional entertainment industry, this project will bring more profits

2. Low obstacle and little investment, easy to select a place to run.

3. Individualized customization, Flexible configuration.

4. Motion platform, move Left and right, backward and forward according to the games.

5. Gun shooting interactive .

6. 360panoramic simulation.

7. More than 80 movies.

8. Easy move and small spaces.

Profit Mode For Three-seat 9D VR Simulator

- - - -
Time | Profit Analysis | Total Profit($) |
One Day | $5* 300 people*1 day | $1500 |
One Month | $5* 300 people*7day | $45000 |
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