PU Rubber Pads Synthetic Grass Underlay Two Layers Sports Pitch Indoor

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PU Rubber Pads Synthetic Grass Underlay Two Layers Sports Pitch Indoor


Products are mainly used for soccer, rugby, hockey, badminton, golf greens, golf mats, children safety system, tennis and sports recreation area .

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Artificial turf Sports Pitch Indoor&Outdoor | soccer, rugby, hockey, badminton, golf greens, golf mats, children safety system, tennis and sports recreation area .
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# Structure----Our shock pad has been adopted proportion 4:6 and three-layer composite technology. Compared with one-time foaming process product, one-time foaming product is easily deformed, and elasticity lost too quickly make it difficult to restore elasticity after long-term use.
# Material-The perfect combination of new environmental protection resin and rubber foam, rubber has a strong tensile strength and softness, which ensure the strong elasticity and softness brings sense of comfort at the same time. The UV resistant film brings the long service life for the shock pad who is more environmentally friendly, no odor.
# Cutting technology---Adopting Triangular symmetry structure and making very good use of physics, with the triangle stability, four symmetrical triangular structure is more stable.
# Tensile strength---Three-layer structure and characteristics of rubber makes the shock pad with the strong tensile strength, which will protect the product from deformation and damage during the installation. Tensile strength of one-time forming process product is poor.

Competitive Advantage:

# Our shock pad can be installed directly on the water stabilized base, and then covered by artificial turf, which helps to save the cost of concrete or asphalt base.
# Part of the Artificial turf performance is provided by the shock pad, so the artificial turf grades can be appropriately traded down to only wear-resisting and UV resistant artificial turf.
# Artificial grass pile height 40 mm filled with quartz sand and granules, whose overall cost is lower than the traditional grass pile 50mm without any infill.

# Our product is light in weight and easy to install which shorten the installation period and reduce the cost.
# Product has excellent shock absorption and ball rebound performance, bring happiness to the sports and avoid injury, which can be close to the natural grass feeling at the most.
# Roll length can be customized according to the pitch
# No pulverize or rot, long life span
# Closed-cell foam product does not absorb water, which makes the installation easy and not influenced by the weather.
# Heavy-duty machine has no problem to move on its flat surface.
# Special porous design ensures the good water permeability, so there is no water on the artificial grass, and activities can be proceeded in the rainy days.
# Elegant appearance and strong sense of comfort.
# Three layers design to maximize shock absorption and minimize vertical deformation


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Installation of our shock-pad system is more convenient as the material is lightweight and easy to handle. |
Roll lengths can be manufactured to clients requirements to ensure no wastage. |
The closed-cell Foam does not absorb water; therefore inclement weather does not hinder the laying of pad. |
Perfect cutting technology ensures good water permeability and the stability. |
Excellent shock absorption and ball rebound characteristics. |
The surface has an prolonged life span and is not prone to deterioration. |
Good weathering resistance. |
Stable shock absorption. |
No need of maintenance during daily use. |
Good environmental performance and recycling value. |
Flame retardant. |
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We manufacture shock pad underlay and rubber granule infill to support artificial turf pitch for sports and landscaping. Trust we will support you by excellent quality and friendly price. Our products will make your artificial turf pitch fantastic!

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