Wet Dry Textile Testing Equipment Fabric Sample Cutter Machine 150kg

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Textile Testing Equipment Wet Or Dry Fabric Textile Friction Color Fastness Testing

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This machine can be widely used in cotton, wool, silk, linen, chemical fiber and textile and leather cutting, suitable for making various samples, color swatches, elevator, pants leg trimming (with straight knife), gift industry processing tooth edge, etc. Fabric sample machine features: the machine adopts steel knife, sanctions, long life, hardness up to HRC65 degrees, sharp blade, easy to cutting various kinds of fiber, fabric, plate made of special material synthesis, and durable. Cutting edge smooth, uniform continuity to avoid the burrs of incision, skew, sawtooth different phenomenon. Long cutter production quickly, cutting width can be up to 400 mm - 600 mm, one-time cutting thickness up to 30-50 layers of cloth, the province is rapid, handy.

Fabric sample machine note: steel knife, plate for loss of goods, often plate change cutting position, and can prolong the service life of them, not cutting allowed outside of the items, so as to avoid damage to the machine to produce. Loose screws must be tightened in use process, often the grease, in order to avoid the screw wear. Can be customized to sample or repair all kinds of cutting knife at the same time provide accessories, plate, blade and grinding services. Optional mobile infrared locator


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Model | KJ-400 |
Shaping cutter length | 400mm |
Plate area | (560+350)x500mm |
Machine size | 560x600x1100mm |
Cutting depth | 15-60mm |
Weight | 40kg |
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Why choose us?

1. Considerate Service Different countries plugs, manually change the-voltage from 110V to 220V, insurance indicator.

2. Excellent after sale service:

1 YEAR warranty. If you have any problems during testing process, we promise we will give you a reply with 24 hours and solution provide within 3 working days. What you need to do is to send us the controller.

3. Good Packaging:

Covered with air bubble film before put the machine into the wooden case, which not only has good shock absorption, impact resistance, heat sealing and also has the advantages of nontoxic, odorless, moisture corrosion, good transparency etc.


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