China Supplier Electronic Universal Testing Machines Used Rubber / Plastic

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China Supplier Electronic Universal Testing Machines Used Rubber / Plastic

Design standard:

ASTM D903, GB/T2790/2791/2792, CNS11888, JIS K6854, PSTC7,ASTM C633 and etc.


[China Supplier Electronic Universal Testing Machines Used Rubber / Plastic] is designed specially for the adhesive industry. Used to testing peeling strength with different methods. It can perform the 180&90 degree, T-shape peeling test and tensile,shearing&spliting strength test with different clamps.

KeJian tensile strength tester Uses:

China Supplier Electronic Universal Testing Machines Used Rubber / Plastic is designed for quick and reliable tensile, compression, bending, shear, peel and fatigue cycling on metals, composites, alloys, rigid plastics and films, elastomers, textiles, paper, board and finished products.


1. The structure is made of the paint-coated aluminium blanking plate. The interior is used the high-accuracy,low-resistance and zero clearance of two ball screw and oriented pole which improve loading efficience and structure rigidity.
2. Use Panasonic servo motor which ensure high efficiency,steady transmission and low noise. The accuracy of speed can be controled in 2%.
3. That Using the business computer as the main control mathine plus the special testing software of our campany can conduct all of testing parameter, work state, collecting data&analysis, result display and printing output.


- - - -
Capacity choice | 1,2,5,10,20,50,100,200,500kg optional |
Stroke | 650mm(excluding clamp) |
Range of speed | 50400mm/min adjustable,constant speed 300mm/min |
Effective testing space | 120mmMAX |
Weight | 60kg |
Accuracy | 1.0% |
Display | force and elongation display |
Resolution | 1/50,000 |
Dimention | (WDH)5050120cm |
Motor | adjustable speed motor |
Accessories | computer, printer, system operation manual |
Optional accessories | stretcher, air clamp |
Power | 1PH, AC220V, 50/60Hz |
- - - -

Safety Device:

Stroke protection: upper and low limit protection, prevent over preset
Force protection: system setting
Emergency stop device: Handling emergencies.

Software Functions:

1. Use windows working platform, set all parameter with dialog forms and operate easy;
2. Using a single screen operation, do not need to change the screen;
3. Have simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English three languages,switch conveniently;
4. Plan test sheet mode freely;
5. Test data can be directly appeared in the screen;
6. Compare multiple curve data through translation or contrast ways;
6. With many units of measurement, the metric system and british system can switch;
7. Have automatic calibration function;
8. Have user-defined test method function
9. Have test data arithmetic analysis function
11. Have the function of automatic magnification, to achieve the most appropriate size of graphics;
12. Can test tensile, compression, peel, fatigue and so on.

Good Packaging:

Covered with air bubble film before put the machine into the wooden case, which not only has good shock absorption, impact resistance, heat sealing and also has the advantages of nontoxic, odorless, moisture corrosion, good transparency etc.



Product packaging:

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