6 Heads Abrasion Textile Testing Machine With Grips Manual / Automatic Operation

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Electrical standard abrasion Textile Testing Equipment with Grips

Applicable Range

Used for testing the performance of the wearing resistance,abrasion, appearance change (pilling degree/class) of the textiles and membrane materials.

Relevant Standards

GB/T21196(national standard technical committees) GB/T4802.2 GB/T13775 FZ/T20020
ISO12945-2 ISO12947 ASTM D4966 ASTM D4970 ASTM D3886 JIS L1096 IWS Tm196/ TM112 M & S

Technical parameters

1. Number of working position: 8 digital(or 9 digital)
2. Counting range:0999999 times
3. The Max.travel:Horizontal orientation 60.50.5mm Longitudinal orientation 240.5mm
4. Pressing substance weight:
a. clamp:2001g
b. weight for garment samples:3952g
c. weight for furniture adornment samples:5942g
d. stainless-steel disc:2601g
5. Effective friction diameter of friction block:
Model A: 200g(1.96N) Friction head(9KPa) 28.8 0.084mm
Model B: 155g(1.52N) Friction head(12KPa) 90 0.10mm
6. Relative moving speed of clamp and grinding table:20-70r/min(tunable)
7. Pressing hammer of sample loading weight:238510g
8. External dimension:885600410mm
9. Power source:AC220V 50Hz 500W
10. Weight:150kg


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