3 Galvanized Bamboo Concrete Nails , Building Construction Bamboo Steel Concrete

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3 Galvanized Bamboo Concrete Nails , Building Construction Bamboo Steel Concrete Nails Zinc Plated High Strength


United-East provide different types of concrete nails covering galvanized concrete nails,Bamboo Nails,bluish concrete nails,black concrete nails with various special shank types and nail heads,we can also provide the T word head,K word head and other special nails according to your requirements.

As we know the concrete nails is one of the most common types of nails used by both professionals and amateurs.Compared with other nails,concrete nails are particular made by special materials No.45 steel which is ensure the hardness of the steel nails.The shank of concrete nails is short and thick,the structure of the nails has a circular section and a flat or conical head.These special features make the concrete nails have an excellent connection and fixing capacity.

Usually the concrete nails are divided into the following types,electro galvanized,bluish,blackish,polished ,etc.Owing to the processing of advanced heat treatment technology,zinc plated concrete nails have the perfect functions of safety uses,anti bending,anti crack.The concrete nails are widely used to connect the wooden elements and cement structures,as well as fixing them soft materials.And galvanized steel nails has the strong compressive strength,it can be used acid-resistant required places and internal structure.


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Product Name | Galvanized Bamboo Concrete Nails |
Material | NO.45 Steel |
Hardness | N/A |
Type of Shank | Bamboo Shank |
Type of Point | Diamond Point, Needle Point |
Type of Head | Flat Head |
Surface Treatment | Zinc Plated |
Shank Diameter | 3.0mm-4.5mm |
Overall Length | 1"-4" |
Head Diameter | 6.0mm-10.0mm |
Application | The product is mainly used for construction. |
Package Description | 1kg/box,25boxes/carton;0.5kg/box,50boxes/carton; 5kg/box,4boxes/carton Can Pallet.Or according to customers' requests |
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Shank Dia. | Length |
3.0MM | 1 |
3.0MM | 1.5 |
3.8MM | 1.5 |
3.8MM | 2 |
3.8MM | 2.5 |
3.8MM | 3 |
3.8MM | 4 |
4.2MM | 3 |
4.2MM | 4 |
4.5MM | 4 |
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The galvanized bamboo concrete nails is suitable for soft and hardwood,bamboo devices,common plastic walls,widely used in the industry of building decoration,etc.


1. Jiashan United-East Hardware provide high quality galvanized bamboo concrete nails.

2. We supply excellent service and reasonable price of galvanized bamboo concrete nails.

3. The galvanized bamboo concrete nails can be customized according to your particular requirement.

4. Free samples for all kinds of galvanized bamboo concrete nails.

5. Faster delivery near by Shanghai port and Zhapu port.

6. More than 24 years experience in producing galvanized bamboo concrete nails.
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