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SC100 model 1000KG Capacity double cages 34m/min Construction elevator

Brief Introduction of Construction elevator

# Construction elevator or external elevator, which iswidely used in the vertical lifting of personnel or materials.

# It is an vertical transport equipment for industrial, civil construction, large bridges and silos with good performance and can also be used permanently or semi-permanently in different situations such as warehouses, towers, etc.

Technical data for our Construction elevator

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Item | Construction elevator |
Model | SC200/200 |
Rated capacity/per cage | 2000kg |
Lifting speed | 0-34m/min |
Cage size | 3.2*1.5*2.25m |
Motor power | 2*12kw |
Speed ratio | 1:18 |
Invertor Power | 37 kw |
Safety device | SAJ40-1.2 |
Mast section size | 0.65*0.65*1.508m |
Max. Installation height | 250m |
Cable type | Cable basket/cable trolley |
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More features of ourConstruction elevator

# Outer fence. They aremade of punching net sheet , which has a strong corrosion resistance and appearance, made of steel wire mesh

# The fence door frame is easy forinstallation, transportationand storage.

# Mast section.The dimention of thepipe for the mast sectionis 76 6 and 76 4.5, made of high-frequency welded steel pipe, to ensure high strength, high straightness and high wear resistance. 1) 650*650*1508mm mast section: two thickness available,76 6 and 76 4.5;2) Other models available: 450*450*1508mm and 800*800*1508mm.

# Electric control box. Use brand name electric components, like schneider,

# Saj40-1.2 Safety device. Used most popular model safety device.

# Landing door. Comvinient for user, much safer

# Transmission drive for the elevator: We choose 2 motors instead of 3 motors, save a lot of power for the user,Optitional for famouse brand motor, Nord, SEW etc.

# Optinal parts: Slide contact cable. It is a very good replacement for the cable, will save trouble of cable cut or hanging but obstacles at site.

# Finishing. The mast section can be choosed to be dip painted or hot dip galvanized.

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