Relible Electric 2 Motor Rack And Pinion Hoist For High Rise Building Construct

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Relible 2 motor 12 kw transmission high twin cage rack and pinion hoist Security

# Wuhan Changlong Century rack and pinion hoist equipped with the best anti-fall safety device to limit the speed down the cage to prevent and eliminate the fall of the accident cage to ensure the safe use of the machine and the absolute reliability.

# With speed limit brake, stroke limit switch, line door protection switch.

# At the Entry and exit Machnical interlock device, for the safety of personnel or objects to provide an effective protection. Sensitive overload alarm system.

# Top section for the rack and pinion iw without rack, to prevent improper operation and roof fall.


# Wuhan Changlong Century Co., Ltd design and manufactureSC frequency series of rack and pinion elevator, using domestic and foreign advanced technology, theory with practice, continuous improvement and innovation, reasonable institutions, simple operation, beautiful appearance. We have boththree motors drives and two motors drives.

# Erection and dismentalling are particularly convenient, safe and secure.

# Becuase of its easy operation features, with the application fortransport both passengerand cargoand stable and safe operation of the characteristics, rack and pinion hoist has been widely used in high-rise building construction, municipal maintenance, bridges, towers, chimneys.

# Wuhan Changlong Century has updated the model several times, the performance of the rack and pinion elevator has been better and better.

Technical Data

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Item | Rack and pinion hoist |
Model | SC200/200 |
Rated capacity/per cage | 2000kg |
Lifting speed | 0-34m/min |
Cage size | 3.2*1.5*2.25m |
Motor power | 2*12kw |
Speed ratio | 1:18 |
Invertor Power | 37 kw |
Safety device | SAJ40-1.2 |
Mast section size | 0.65*0.65*1.508m |
Max. Installation height | 250m |
Cable type | Cable basket/cable trolley |
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