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High safety and efficiency 2000kg capacity 0-45 m/min speed construction elevator

# Changlong Century brand SC200 / 200 construction elevator, using gear rack engagement, external, two motorsdrive, rated load 2 tons, the maximum lifting height reach250 meters.

# Ourconstruction elevator is equipped with the national patent technology of anti-fall safety device, fall to automatic braking, drive unit placed in cage top, safe, reliable, easy maintenance.

# Changlong century brandconstruction elevatoris widely used in the field of construction, such as industrial and civil construction, bridge construction, underground construction, large chimney construction and shipbuilding industry.

# It is suitable for vertical transportation of materials and personnel, as a permanent Or semi-permanent lift can also be used for warehouses, towers and other places.

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Item | Construction elevator |
Model | SC200/200 |
Rated capacity/per cage | 2000kg |
Lifting speed | 0-45m/min |
Cage size | 3.2*1.5*2.25m |
Motor power | 3*12kwor 3*11kw |
Speed ratio | 1:12 |
Invertor Power | 37 kw |
Safety device | SAJ40-1.2 |
Mast section size | 0.65*0.65*1.508m |
Max. Installation height | 250m |
Cable type | Cable basket/cable trolley |
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Details features of our construction elevator

# Cabins for the elevator. The doors of the cages is equiped withmechanical and electrical interlock device, the lower cage with 2.2mm thick aluminum plate decoration (many manufacturers are using metal or wire mesh), the upper galvanized steel wire mesh protection.

# Standard mast section. Adopted high-quality production of 76x4.5mm seamless steel pipe high-frequency welded pipe, the use of gas welding equipment welding protection.

# Electrical Control sistem.Reliable electrical components .

# Top brand safety device.Adopting the(SAJ40-1.2)

# Overload protection device. According to the Ministry of Construction safety regulations have been equipped with overload protection.

# Transmission part.Placed at the top of the cage to create more internal space and lower mechanical vibrations.
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