3 Motors Driven Double Cages Building Hoist Construction Elevator Rental

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0-96m high speed 3*18.5kw motors reliable double cages building hoist

# Wuhan Changlong Century Machinery Companyis a factory of building hoist in China. We sell reliable building hoist to many of our clients and we have been enjoy a good reputation.

# Rated loading capacity we provide range from 1000kg-2700kg. The max installation height can reach 400m.

# Steelstrucure of the cages and mast section are made of genuinematerial from domestic famous brand, rack and gear is made of special material which has been heat treated and surface hardened to ensure the soundness and endurance of the equipment.

# Different speed of buildinghoist available: 0-34m/min,0-45m/min, 0-63m/min, 0-96m/min.

# Genuine parts are choosed forour building hosit which save a lot of trouble for maintanence.

# Control system adopt brand name electronic part like,Schneider,Siemens, Omron, Mitsubishi and LG etc. are applied to ensure the equipment works steadily.

Safety measures

# RelialbeSafety devices, also called anti-falling device

# Overload protector

# Upper and Lowerlimit protection

# Door Interlock

# Alarm bell. Warning before every move

# Emergency stop

# Bufferingat the bottom

# Phase sequence protection

Detail Specifications

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Item | Building hoist |
Model | SC200/200 |
Rated capacity/per cage | 2000kg |
Lifting speed | 0-96m/min |
Cage size | 3.2*1.5*2.25m |
Motor power | 3*18.5kw |
Speed ratio | 1:8 |
Invertor Power | 75 kw |
Safety device | SAJ50-2.0 |
Mast section size | 0.65*0.65*1.508m |
Max. Installation height | 400m |
Cable type | Cable basket/cable trolley |
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