Wall Mounted Aluminum LED Light Box Picture Frame 36" X 48" Customized

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Wall Mounted Aluminum LED Light Box Picture Frame 36" X 48" Customized

Advantages and Characteristics:

Different industries adorn their walls with attractive banners and graphics. Poster frames are perfect for appeal and direct customers to your business. Display frames for posters and pictures are widely used in movie promotions or as effective displays in theaters, production halls, entertainment venues, cinemas, retail stores, or homes. Some businesses use smaller pictures and signage to attract consumers.
How are these poster grip displays different from "regular" sign holders?
The most notable difference between the two types is the design of the framing.
These poster grip frames load from the front, allowing the user to keep the picture holders mounted to the wall at all times.
Basic sign holders typically have a solid frame that loads from the back, forcing users to remove the entire unit from the wall in order to change the picture.

standard size

- - - -
Item NO. | Outer Size(mm) | Graphic Size (mm) | Visual Size(mm) | Adaptor |
A0 | 941x1289 | 841x1189 | 821x1169 | 12V-3.0A |
A1 | 694x941 | 594x841 | 574x821 | 12V-2.0A |
A2 | 500x674 | 430x604 | 410x584 | 12V-1.5A |
A3 | 377x500 | 307x430 | 287x410 | 12V-1.0A |
A4 | 290x377 | 220x307 | 200x287 | 12V-1.0A |
6-8 | 600x800 | 530x730 | 510x710 | 12V-2.0A |
5-7 | 500x700 | 430x630 | 410x610 | 12V-1.5A |
4-6 | 400x600 | 330x530 | 310x510 | 12V-1.5A |
- - - -


-Alloy aluminum snap frames,easy to change graphics

- Super slim ,thickness is only 18mm

-A-grade 4mm LGP ,self developed printing teches,soft and even brightness.

-SMD 2835 as sidelit,high brightness and less heat generation

- Long lifespan of reaching more than 30,000hrs,and the attenuation is less than 10%

-Energy-saving,more than 80 % of power can be saved.

-Environmental Friendly,all material are degradable.

-Widely used in :shopping maill,super-market,Pub,Studio,Exhibition hall etc.


LED light box sign display in shopping mall, Airport, Bus station, Railway station, Hospital, Hotel, Pub, Restaurant, coffee store, Club, Fast food restauratn, Supermarket, Large exhibition project etc

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