Slimline Light Box Snap Frame Customized , Illuminated Poster Frame Light Box

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Slimline Light Box Snap Frame Customized , Illuminated Poster Frame Light Box

Brief Introduction:

1. Optimal aluminum alloy frame, Open from four sides, cover width is 40MM
2. Adopt new optical quality acrylic material, use the top 3D laser engraving in the world.
3. Dig technology that could improve the traditional process of the homogeneous degree and brightness.
4. The light source adopts the world top 5630 high brightness LED LCD TV backlit, the CRI more than 80, the picture to liquid crystal display color, brightness are higher than the market similar products, light energy saving is by no means the gloomy.
5. Global original aluminum plate cooling system, make LED light failure the slowest, the longest life expectancy.
6. We focus on the screen, visual cutting-edge products and technology, and print on the UV lamp use of color, which emphasizes the saturated and real, make sure the picture, will show the permanence of content to present the best way.
7. Can be made Right angle, curved angle, double-side and others.
8. The normal sizes are A0-A3; Within 1500*2500MM can be customized;
- - - -

Model |
Frame Size
( mm ) |
Picture Size
(mm) | |
Thickness |
(KG) |
(W) |

A0 | 1249*901 |
1189*841 | |

Cover Width 40MM |
15 |
24 |

A1 | 901*654 |
841*594 | |
8 |
19 |

A2 |
654*480 |
594*420 | |
4.3 |
16 |

A3 |
480*357 |
420*297 | |
2.5 |
12 |
- - - -


It applies to any commercial area and urban construction facilities, including commercial centers, supermarkets, banks, chain stores,

hotels, restaurants, airports, railway stations, subways, railway stations, docks, elevators, parking, interior decoration, wedding photo

studio and other indoor places

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