Frameless Advertising Fabric LED Light Box Textile Backlit Double Sided

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Frameless Advertising Fabric LED Light Box Textile Backlit Double Sided

Brief Introduction:

model: 12000
thickness: 120mm
cover width: 00mm
Overall Size: the size un-limited
Poster: Elasticity fabric(we use the UV machine)
frame: Optimal aluminum alloy frame
led source: hight brightness TV backlit led(each one can reach50-55lm)
color: black or sliver, the color can be customized
power supply: AC100-240Vwith a power adaptor 12V
weight: 13kg/sq.m
open method: With rubber ,easy change the poster
install way: wall mounted or free standing
side : single side or double side
waterproof: waterproof have a good effect
warranty: two years warranty

Product Technical specifications:

- - - -
Model | 12000 |
Thickness | 120mm |
Cover width | 00mm |
frame Size | can be customized |
visual size | the same with frame size |
Color | nature aluminum color |
Frame | Open with rubbers, easy change the poster |
Material | optimal aluminum alloy frame |
high quality reflective sheet |
Led source | word top class high brightness LED light source |
Power supply | with a power adaptor DC12V, can use for AC100-240V, and have local plug |
Installation | wall mounted |
- - - -

Why is frameless tension fabric light box popular in international market ?
1. It is special design without front border,it can be sold by unassembled parts and you can assemble the light box fast and easily.
2. We adopt Lens to shoot the light with uniformity which is specially researched and developed for our led light box,you just need install the lights on around four can reduce the quantity of led lights and save much installing time.
3. Our fabric light box use long life and top-level led strips that can reach more than 100000 zero maintenance , it greatly solve the problem of short life span tube.
4. Our light source has top technolody around the world due to its high brightness,each light has 210LM.
5. The posters can be tension fabric , textile fabric and Soft membrane smallpox sewed by Silicone Sealing can change the poster very fast.
6. original creation of The lens correlation technology,which greatly solve the problem of nonuniform brightness of traditional lights .
7. we pay more attention to visual sense,and we adopt top level printing technology and printing products from HP and WITTE company.we not only emphasize the saturation and third dimension sense of coulor but also gurantee the durability of poster coulor.which greatly show the excellent advertisng effect of posters.
8. All led stirps neatly arranged and good looking , it has constant current circuit and simple structure.

4. production picture:

Airport, bus-stop, metro-station, chain store, shopping mall, supermarket, hotel, restaurant, bank, exhibition hall, etc.

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