Aluminum Profiles LED Illuminated Light Box Frameless Poster Frame 27X40

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Aluminum Profiles LED Illuminated Light Box Frameless Poster Frame 27X40

Advantages and Characteristics:

These front load aluminum snap frames, also known as poster grips are the most convenient methodology to readily change posters. These print holders are ideal for simple poster changing. How do these snap frames differ from the traditional sign displays? The largest difference between the two is the framing design. All four sides of the snap frames open allowing access to the displayed sign or poster. This enables the user to keep the picture holder mounted on the wall, saving time and energy.

Arworks Information:
File types: JPG, PDF, CDR, TIFF are available
Bleed: 10mm on all sides
Resolution: Min 100 dpi for final output size
Ratio 1:1 or 1:10
Color: CMYK
File Transfer:
Please upload the files to our FTP (plase contact us for the FTP details)
Please upload the files to your own FTP so that we can download from it.
Plesae send the files by email (if less than 5M) or via other file transferred websites.


- - - -
Model | Frame size (mm) | Picture Size (mm) | Visible Size (mm) | Thickness | Weight (KG) |
A0 | 1249*901 | 1189*841 | 1189*841 | thickness 28mm, coverwidth 40mm | 15 |
A1 | 901*654 | 841*594 | 841*594 | 8 |
A2 | 654*480 | 594*420 | 594*420 | 6.8 |
A3 | 480*357 | 420*297 | 420*297 | 2.8 |
A4 | 357*270 | 297*210 | 297*210 | 2.1 |
- - - -

Advantages compared with the current light sources:
# Up to 40% cheaper than LED frames lit from behind
# 100% Homogeneous
# No back plate required, making the display very compact and light
# Quicker assembly time (Easy Fix locking, no further tools needed during installation.)
# Up to 80% lighter than the current alternative light sources
# Very compact transport
# All sizses lightboxes are possible
# More light output compared with traditional LED's
# Plug & Play, very easy to set up. You can not go wrong thanks to the ingenious plugs

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