A0 Super Slim Aluminum Led Light Box Drawing , Pad Led Tracing Light Box For Kid

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A0 Super Slim Aluminum Led Light Box Drawing , Pad Led Tracing Light Box For Kids

Advantages and Characteristics:
# Light diffused surface: Opal diffuser acrylic material for dffused clean white light (This is white diffused light. Not bluish or grey dull tone which would results in art light boxes without the light diffusion feature). Bright, smooth and even light distribution across entire work surface.
# Super powerful illumination: The powerful lighting of our light box makes it possible to trace through more than five layers of 100GSM paper. That is bright.
# Construction: Solid build so it will not bend or flex when pressure is applied during use.
# Twin work surfaces in one unit: The unique design of our light box offers the advantage of two work surfaces in one light box. Tip: Use one work surface for general applications and save the other side for clean fine work.
# LED illumination: Power saving efficiency AND safe, low voltage 12V DC operation.
# Built-In Light Controller: Easily power on and off your light box and select your desired level of brightness at the touch on a button from the convenience of the built-in on board controller.
# Cool operation: No heat generation. Suitable for 24hour lighting.
# Maintenance free: No globes to replace. Long life span 50,000 hours.
# Convenient: Use on your desk top or any flat surface (supplied with protective soft stand offs to protect your desk top). Weight is approx. 16Kg.
# Comes with 12v DC power supply: Plug and Paly setup. Simply plug into your wall socket. (Australian power plug)
# Voltage requirement: 100 - 240Volt, 50Hz


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