Personalized Easy Cleaning Butyl Based Sound Deadener For Noise And Heat Reduce

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Personalized Easy Cleaning Butyl Based Sound Deadener For Noise And Heat Reduce

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WanTai is built to the highest standards in this industry using 100% butyl rubber with a layer of heat resistant aluminum. Butyl rubber is the same material high end speakers surround material is made out of. We use the highest quality pressure-sensitive self-adhesive to make your installation quick and easy. Our model has increased flexibility for an easier and more permanent installation! Our sound dampening product uses 4mil of pure grade aluminum! Most products on the market use 2mil. Our product will absorb sound better than the competition. If a product does not specify how much material is being used, you should be very cautious about it! Every manufacturer should know what they put into their products! Also, other products on the market such as WanTai for example use a mixture of asphalt in their products. They basically are manufacturing roofing material and calling it sound deadener. Their product will work OK, but not nearly as good as our China. WanTai is made of butyl rubber and aluminum which is the same as many of the more expensive brands out there that sell for twice our price.. We do not cheat our customers. We only make top quality product

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Material: good-quality butyl rubber
Ideal for car noise reduction
Block heat from getting into car
No strange smell to pollute the environment
No harmful asphalt for people's health
Proper flexibility and adhesion
Never crack out in low temperature or melt in high temperature
Anodizing aluminum foil against oxidation
Individual mat size: 820 x 460 x 108mm, 9 pieces in pack
Clean up mounting surface with quick-drying and residue-free solvent
Removes all dirt, oil, moisture and rust to ensure a permanent bond of AceMat
Use graver/scissor to cut AceMat into desired shapes and sizes
Remove release liner from back of AceMat and stick it on to prepared surface
Use WanTai tool set to press it for combination to mounting surface
Eliminate air pockets with graver for lasting adhesion to panel
Bulk pack can be used for all parts of mounting surface as first layer
Primary Competitive Advantages:
Brand-name Parts
Form A
Quality Approvals
Country of Origin
Green Product
Distributorships Offered
Product Features
International Approvals
Product Performance
OEM/ODM Orders Accepted
Experienced Staff
Prompt Delivery

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