Telecommunications Main Distribution Rack Mounting Brackets 1200 Pair 1800x560x1

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1200 pair mian distribution frame rack Mounting Bracket , Telecommunication Main Distribution Frame MDF Krone

Quick Detail:

1. MDF for 10pair krone modules.

2. With cable guider and earthing.

3. The frame is easily combined together with screws.

4. Wall mount type,standing type on option.

5. 690pair capacity ,special size is available on your request.


600/800 pair distribution cabinet size:1800*560*150mm

1.All-aluminum frame with electrostatic spray.

2.Modular structure, flexible configuration, easy to install.

3.According to the different requirement,SM, AT, FS, NE,and other specifications can be configured in

coaxial connector for each unit

4.Thoughtful and rational lines have been installed, perfect grounding system.

5. It can be customized according to special requirement(such as material, surface treatment, color,spec. etc. ) .

Available Material:

Stainless steel/mild steel/steel alloy/iron/aluminum/copper

Available Surface Finish

Fine polish/chrome/zinc plating/electrostatic powder coating/painting/

Available Process

Cad/cam service/metal process/surface plating/QC testing/packing products defect rate for QS9001


Wall mounted MDF,Standing MDF,telecommunication main distribution frames

Specifications :

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Distribution frame for krone LSA 10pair disconnection module and connection module,easy to assemble with screw. |
Item No | Description |
MT-64201050-00 | 690pair MDF,1 line,standing type 1850*300*150mm |
MT-64201013-00 | 1200pair MDF,2 line,standing type 1800*560*150mm |
MT-3028 | 1380pair MDF,wall mount type 1850*550*80mm |
MT-3029 | 1200*2 pair distribution rack,standing type,double side 600*600*2000mm |
MT-69711023-00 | 600*2 pair distribution rack,standing type,double side 675*450*2150mm |
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