Mini Simple Hand Cable Stripper Wire Cutter Hardware Networking Tools Telecommun

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Mini Simple Hand Cable Stripper Wire Cutter Hardware Networking Tools Telecommunication Equipment

With pressure sensor and extracting hook to free wires for soldering, screwing and skinning in preparation for connection and at the same time cutting off any excess length.

An IDC terminating tool for use on 10 pair Disconnection Strips 237A. It incorporates an extraction hook which assits in the removal of terminated wires.

64172055-01 KRONE LSA-PLUS RJ outlets.

The networking tools we can offer including sort of insertion tools, impact and punch down tool (Ericsson punch down tool, Siemens punch down tool, Corning punch down tool and so on), crimping tool(RJ45 crimping tools, coaxial cable crimping tool, picabond ratchet crimper), cable stripper and cutter, cable tester and connector removal tool, and so on.

In short, we offer the networking tools for cutting and stripping coaxial cable, twist cable, and optical fiber. And professional compression crimping tool for different connectors, insertion tools for different modules .To save cost for customers, we have desired some tools with multi-function. So you can keep one tool instead of several different types. Meanwhile, for some coaxial cable crimping tool you can change the head to fit the cable specification yourself. It will make you lose weight on tool set but to finish your work perfectly.

Quick Detail:

1. Made of ABS,flame retardant

2. Cheap cost but convient use

3. For Cable cutter wire stipper

4. Space saving

5. Small and light weight.

6. Cuts excess wire in one click operation,Ensures proper insertion of wire

7. Able to strip plastic sheathed skin after rotate 3 circles. Easy use cable stripping tool,universal use

Our Services:

All of our goods will pass QUALITY INSPECTIONS before shipment.

Best after sale service, customer can follow their order situation any time, no matter on product line, warehouse or shipment.

More than 22 years experience in in product production to make your order more smooth.

On time delivery, in general 10~15 days.

Multimode payment: T/T, Paypal,Western Union.

Special dimensions available according to request.

We have many certificates of our goods.

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