Bright Finish Tinplate Steel Coil For Food / Beverage Cans ISO9001 Approval

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JIS G3303 MR SPCC Bright Finish Tinplate Steel Coil for Can-Making Industries, Food Can, Beverage Cans

Electrolytic Tinplate (ETP) consists of cold-rolled sheet steel (black plate steel) with a thickness 0.15~0.50 mm. It owes its name to an ultra-thin coating of tin which imparts a whitish gloss to the material.Tinplates corrosion resistance, light weight and malleability make it ideal for many precision end uses, including food packaging and consumer products. The special properties of tinplate and improved manufacturing technology is allowing for the utilization of tinplate in many new end products.The steel base provides the necessary strength and formability for can fabrication.


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Product | Tinplate |
STANDARD | JIS G3303, GBT2520 |
Brand Name | Wancheng |
Certificates | ISO 9001 and ISO14001 |
Material Grade | SPCC, MR |
Thickness | 0.15-0.50mm |
Width | Below 1000 mm |
Coil Length | According to customer requirement |
Coil Weight | 8 MT max |
Tin coating | 5.6/5.6G/M2 max(According to the customer requirement) |
Technique | Electrolytic Processing |
Surface | Bright Finish, Stone Finish, Silver Finish, Matte Finish |
Temper | T2~T5BA or CA, DR7~DR9 |
COIL ID | 508MM |
Export package | Cardboard inner sleeves, Waterproof paper, Galvanized steel covered and steel strip packed |
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(1). Thickness Test

(2). Temper:T2~T5BA or CA, DR7~DR9

(3). Tinning Check: According to JIS, ASTM or GBT standard

(4). Packing Check:


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Application | Food grade cans like: Milk powder can, Any food can, Pet can, Beverage Can |
Industrial use: Aerosol can, Paint can, Oil Can |
General use: candy can, fancy can etc. |
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Our company can supply high quality tinplate coils or cut sheets for all kinds of use bydifferent can-making companies. We have much experience in dealing with such products and help customers to reduce cost by providing good quality tinplate as well as price support. We welcome all customers to visit us and make a long term cooperation relationship. If there is any needs, please contact us.
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