Touch Screen Printing Silver Paste Good Adhesion / Reliability Resistive

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Good Adhesion Resistive Touch Screen ITO Electrode Laser Etching Screen Printing Silver Paste

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LEED-INK has developed advanced conductive silver paste products to offer the solutions for the printed electronics market. our conductive silver pastes provide low resistance with thin film thickness based upon our core technologies, dispersing technology, printing technology and curing technology along with new development of high conductive materials.

CPP silver paste is specially for touch panel circuit application. Its major benefit includes low resistivity, excellent adhesion strength on PET and ITO, excellent screen life and printing resolution, environment friendly, halogen free, meeting RoHS requirements.


# Good Reliability
# Strong adhesion
# Excellent laser cutting performance
# Low sheet resistance
# Perfect matching with market mainstream ITO Glass, ITO Film, PET, and etc.


1. Placing and positioning an ITO silver paste workpiece face up on a working platform of a laser etching machine;
2. Adjusting the working platform of the laser etching machine or the height of a laser head of the laser etching machine to ensure that laser of the laser etching machine focuses on the plane of the front side of the ITO silver paste workpiece;
3. Inputting or importing to-be-etched ITO patterns and silver paste patterns into laser etching software and taking the patterns as two pattern layers;
4. Setting laser parameters and motion parameters for the ITO pattern layer and the silver paste pattern layer;
5. Starting the laser etching machine and etching the ITO pattern layer and the silver paste pattern layer of the ITO silver paste workpiece.

Product Properties

The pastes are supplied at a standard printing viscosity. However, viscosity variations to suit customers own specifications can also be supplied.

- - - -
Model | Laser Etching Silver Paste CPX |
Appearance | Silver Gray |
Viscosity | 60-80 Pa.s |
Drying | Film:130,30 min Glass:145,45 min |
Etching Line Width | 30m |
Adhesion | 5B |
Sheet Resistance | 40 m/sq |
Substrate | ITO Glass/Film, PET |
Reliability | 85, 85%RH, 240h,OK |
Storage | 6 months (0-10) |
- - - -

Why Choose Us?

1.We has over 15 years manufacturing experience in electronic paste product and 5 years of exporting experience. Our professionaland thoughtful after-sales service eliminates your worries.

2. Strict on raw material selection.

3. 3 steps for inspection(self-inspection, mutual inspection, special inspection) before delivery to guarantee the product quality.

4.Provide full set of documents as customers requirements.

5.Customiszed production for different paste electrical properties requirements.

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