Smooth Surface Low Temperature Silver Paste Touch Sensors Eco Friendly Material

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Smooth Surface Good Adhesion Screen Printing Silver Paste for Touch Sensors

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By the innovative power to perfect high technology, LEED-INKconductive pastes are made with advanced materials and can play an innovative rolein making electric components of touch panels.
With our strong commitment to developing innovative technology, we strive to supply thehighest quality conductive pastes to the global maket.

Oursilver pastes are primarily designed for screen printing and exhibit excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates including TCO-coated glass, plastic films, PET, PVC substrate products.


Our standard screenprinting silver pasteproductcan be applied on flexible printed circuit boards,touch screen electrodes, RFID tag antennas and insulation coatings. And itoffersthe best compromise between electrochemical and printing performance.

Product Properties

- - - -
Model | CPP |
Appearance | Silver Gray |
Viscosity | 90-110 Pa.s |
Drying | Film:130,30 min Glass:145,45 min |
Printing Line Width | 70-100m |
Adhesion | 5B |
Sheet Resistance | 50 m/sq |
Substrate | ITO Glass/Film, PET |
Reliability | 85, 85%RH, 240h,OK |
Storage | 6 months (0-10) |
- - - -

# Excellentadhesion onto ITO, chemical and environmental resistance- produces
# The material offers both: fine line definition and fast drying advantages.
# Excellent adhesion to PI film
# Excellent flexibility

Why Choose Us?

We have deep cooperation with foreign experts with industry background, rich development experience and advanced technology, to create the most powerful R & D team, to meet the market demand of the competitive goods.

We are committed to improving the environment and people's lifes by using electronic paste technology innovation, aspire to become a first-class enterprise of the key materials in the field of electronic information industry in China, and develop green, energy saving, excellent products to practice our corporate values.

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