Silver Discharge Paste For Screen Printing70 - 100M Printing Line Width

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Good Conductivity Screen Printing Silver Paste on Glass PET and ITO Electrode

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CPP is touch screen silver paste which LEED-INK specially developed for silk screen printing, and it is with low sheet resistance and slow drying. The product has excellent printing performance, low sheet resistance, excellent weatherability, good surface smoothness and strong adhesion. It can achieve the perfect matching with market mainstream ITO Glass and ITO Film. oth lead- and cadmium-free and isacceptable for use in RoHS and REACH compliantdevices.


Manufacturing of touch screen technology can be readily undertaken using our high durability conductive inks and pastes that can be processed at high line and space resolution for bus bar structures. Our silver paste products couldprovide chemical resistance and long term reliability.

CPP series is a low-temperature polymer silver pasteformulated for fine line printing on ITO/PET and
ITO/Glass substrates used in touch-screenapplications.


# High electrical conductivity
# Can be cured in low temperature within a short period of time.
# Can be processed at high line and space resolution for bus bar structures.
# Strong adhesionto ITO
# Lead- and cadmium-free

Product Properties

- - - -
Model | CPP |
Appearance | Silver Gray |
Viscosity | 90-110 Pa.s |
Drying | Film:130,30 min Glass:145,45 min |
Printing Line Width | 70-100m |
Adhesion | 5B |
Sheet Resistance | 50 m/sq |
Substrate | ITO Glass/Film, PET |
Reliability | 85, 85%RH, 240h,OK |
Storage | 6 months (0-10) |
- - - -


Q1:Whats your MOQ?

A:Mostly our MOQ is 1kg,while sometimes we accept less quantity like 200g on the condition that a sample charge is 100% paid.

Q2: Whats your delivery time?

A:We will make delivery within 3 to 7 days after payment confirmed (Chinese holiday are not included).

Q3: Can I get a sample?

A: Yes, sample is available. If noble metal such as Ag, Pd included, and the material cost is already high, we do not offer free samples.

Q4: What payment terms is acceptable to you?

T/T, Western Union, Paypal, and L/C.

Q5: What documents do you provide?

Usually, we provide product inspect report, commercial invoice, packing List, and MSDS. Also CO if needed for custom purpose. If your markets have any special requirements, please let us know.

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