Military Electronics Potting Compound For Electronics Electrically Isolating

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Two-part Thermally Conductive Silicone Potting Compound for Military Electronics


LEED-INK silicone potting compound EG-F026R is a two-components room curing silicone thermal conductivity encapsulant. It has superior thermal conduction and bonding property.

it not only can fixed the electronic components, make heat transferring to the heat sink, to prevent overheating of electronic components to avoid resulting in break down, which can improve the service life.


# # Power switch
# LED light / driver
# Electron component
# Electronic circuits etc.
# Used as potting adhesive for power module, electronic element deep layer, LED backlight,HID lamp,LED display,etc.


# 2.6 W/mK thermal conductivity
# High bond strength to coherer, alloy, ceramic,glass or plastic surfaces
# Double component, excellent deep hardening performance
# Silicone elastomer after hardening
# Withstand cool or heat variation long term
# Electrically isolating


- - - -
Test | Properties |
EG-F026R |
Mixing Ratio | 1:1 |
Color | A | B | A+B |
White | Red | Red |
Viscosity (Pa.S) (Brookfield HBT,10rpm,25) | 80 | 40 | 60 |
Room Temperature Operable Time (h) | 8h |
Room Temperature Curing Time (h) | 24 |
Heating Curing Time (h) | 100/15min |
Density (g/cm3) | 2.54 |
Hardness (shore A) | 60 |
Operating Temperature () | -50-250 |
Thermal Conductivity (W/m.K) | 2.60 |
Volume Resistance (cm) | 1014 |
- - - -


1) Component A and component B should use special tools separately. Do not use the tools in mixture.

2) Separately stir component A and component B fully and evenly before using.

3) Mix according to A:B=1:1, and stir it over 15min to ensure the mixing uniformity of component A and B.

4) After mixing, deaerate the paste in vacuum equipment with 10min before potting. To ensure the potting quality, it is recommended to deaerate again after potting. If no deaeration, please put the product with 30min in room temperature before heating and curing.

5) Please finish 3) and 4) within operating time(8h).

6) Curing could be done by 80/15min, or 24h in room temperature.

Why Choose Us?

1. LEED-INK has a deep know-how and a strengthened experience linked to the development, production and use of special pastes based on precious metals, such as silver, palladium for a great variety of applications.

2. Reasonable & competitive prices with short lead time.

3. R&D Team takes over 20% of company employees, which could ensure professional R&D team technical service.

4. Customiszed production for different paste electrical properties requirements

5. Easy payment methods : T/T, Western Union, Paypal.

6. Reply within 24 hours.


Q1: Are you trade company or manufacturer?
A: We are China professional manufacturer of customizing various thermal interface materials for years experience in this line.

Q2: Can you provide OEM or ODM service?
A: Surely we can. We have a professional team which has rich experience in silicone sealant field. You can also design your logo,packaging and other details.If the existing products can meet your requirements, we can provide you with customized service.

Q3: Can i take sample?
A: Yes,we are honored to provide you sample. 1~2PCS and 50~100ML/PCS ,Free sample and Customer bear the freight.

Q4: What payment term is available?
A: We can accept Paypal, TT, Western Union.

Q5: What's the lead time?
A: 1~3 days for sample ,5~7 workdays for mass order.

Q6: How to store it?
A: One year shelf life if stored below 25 in cool, dry place.

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