High Throughput Screen Printing Silver Paste 0 - 10 6 Months Storage

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High Throughput Printing Screen Printing Silver Paste for Touch Screen Electrodes

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LEED-INK offer a range of silver pastes that have been developed for a broad range of applications including sensors, touch screens, antenna, RFID, printed heaters and thin-film photovoltaic cells such as CIGS and CdTe. Our silver pastes can be cured at low temperature and are suitable for substrates such as PET and PC.

Our silver pastes are primarily designed for screen printing and exhibit excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates including TCO-coated glass, plastic films, PET, PVC substrate products.


Our standard large scale printing silver pasteproduct, offering the best compromise between electrochemical and printing performance. It can be appliedon touch screen electrode and substrates such asPET, PVC, PC.

Product Properties

- - - -
Model | CPP |
Appearance | Silver Gray |
Viscosity | 90-110 Pa.s |
Drying | Film:130,30 min Glass:145,45 min |
Printing Line Width | 70-100m |
Adhesion | 5B |
Sheet Resistance | 50 m/sq |
Substrate | ITO Glass/Film, PET |
Reliability | 85, 85%RH, 240h,OK |
Storage | 6 months (0-10) |
- - - -


# Excellent screen life, greater than 8 hours
# Excellent adhesion to a broad range of substrates including TCO-coated glass, PET, paper and PC
# Non-toxic formulations
# Smooth, low surface roughness surface post sintering
# High area coverage enabling reduced paste consumption

Core Technical Team

We have deep cooperation with foreign experts with industry background, rich development experience and advanced technology, to create the most powerful R & D team, to meet the market demand of the competitive goods. We are committed to improving the environment and people's lifes by using electronic paste technology innovation, aspire to become a first-class enterprise of the key materials in the field of electronic information industry in China, and develop green, energy saving, excellent products to practice our corporate values.


Q1:Whats your MOQ?
A:Mostly our MOQ is 1kg,while sometimes we accept less quantity like 200g on the condition that a sample charge is 100% paid.

Q2: How long does it take to the goods arrived ?
Usually we will arrange the shipment withinin 3 to 7 days.

Q3: Can I get a sample?
A: Yes, sample is available. If noble metal such as Ag, Pd included, and the material cost is already high, we do not offer free samples.

Q4: What documents do you provide?
Usually, we provide product inspect report, commercial invoice, packing List, and MSDS. Also CO if needed for custom purpose. If your markets have any special requirements, please let us know.

Q5: How do you treat quality complaint?
A:First of all, our QC department will do strict examination of our export products in order to reduce the quality problem to near zero. If there is a real quality problem caused by us, we will undertake all the expense of replacement.

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