Automotive Windshield Conductive Silver Paste 12 - 15M Fired Thickness

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Good Reliability Conductive Silver Paste with 70% Ag Content for Automotive Windshield


LEED-INK Silver paste DT5575series is 70% Ag content silverconductive paste specially designed for automobile windshield defogging. It forms the pattern on the automobile glass through the silk screen printing process.It is with excellent adhesion and good oxidation resistance.

The firing range is adapted to suit toughened glass requirements.


After drying and heating process, the metal silver conductive wire is formed on the automobile glass. When the power is electrified, the heat can be generated and the frost on the glass can be removed.

The silver paste has the advantages of strong welding adhesion, good welding resistance and aging resistance, perfectly matching with black glaze, etc.


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Test | Properties |
DT5575 |
Ag Content (%) | 70 |
Viscosity (Pa.S) (NDJ-99,4#,10rpm,250.5) | 30-60 |
Fineness(m) | 15 |
Screen Mesh (Polyester mesh) | 200~280 |
Leveling Time | At room temperature, 2-3min |
Recommended Drying Conditions | 150-180/3min |
Recommended Firing Conditions | 600-650/3min |
Fired Thickness(m) | 8-15 |
Conductivity(m/sq) | 3.5-4.5 |
Drift of Resistance after Reliability Test (%) | 10 |
Adhesion((N) | 80 |
Shelf Life | Six Months from Date of Shipment |
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Featured Advantage

1. Good Acid Resistance

Put the sample soaked in 0.1N sulfuric acid solution(at room temperature) for at least 2 hours, remove the silver layer with adhesive tape and no Ag transfer, and the resistance drift is less than or equal to 8%.

2. Excellent anti-oxidation and anti-sulfide properties

Put the sample soaked in 400g ethanol plus 1g sulfur powder(elemental sulfur) solution for over 2 hours, the surface shall no significant change(yellow or black).

3. Strong adhesion, good welding strength

DT557X-H series is with excellent adhesion. The silver paste exhibit a minimum degree of silver migration stain into the glass, after being fired. There s no loss of adhesion or continuity between the conductors and the backlite.

4. Small change of resistance with long-time printing

The resistance drift could be controlled within 10% during lab testing. It shows the paste could keep stable performance after printing and firing process.

Why Choose Us?

1. We has over 15 years manufacturing experience in electronic paste product and 5 years of exporting experience. Our professionaland thoughtful after-sales service eliminates your worries.

2.Passed ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 System.

3.R&D Team takes over 20% of company employees.All member in R&D Team with well-educated, and with professional electronic paste research background.

4.LEED-INK has a deep know-how and a strengthened experience linked to the development, production and use of special pastes based on precious metals, such as silver, palladium for a great variety of applications.

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