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Laser Etching Screen Printing Silver Paste for Touch Screen Panel with Strong Adhesion

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CPX is a touch screen silver paste which LEED-INK specially developed for laser etching process. It has excellent laser cutting performance, low sheet resistance, excellent weatherability, good hardness and excellent strong adhesion. It can achieve the perfect matching with market mainstream ITO Glass, ITO Film, PET, and etc.

It islead- and cadmium-free and acceptable for use in RoHS and REACH compliantdevices.


The suitable printing parameter of the paste is as below:

Screen Mesh: 400-420 stainless steel mesh or 350-400 polyester mesh

Angle of the scraper: 70-80 degrees

Mask Thickness: 10-15m

Snap-off-distance: 2-3mm

Speed of the scraper: 3-6m/min

Scraper Pressure: 0.5-1kg/cm2

Solvent: DBE; acetone; screen washing agent

Product Properties

The following tables describe the main properties and technical data for products in our conductive pastes range.While the listing refers mainly to standard production materials, it should be noted that LEED-INK is fully prepared to make modifications in order to satisfy individual customers requirements.

- - - -
Model | Laser Etching Silver Paste CPX |
Appearance | Silver Gray |
Viscosity | 60-80 Pa.s |
Drying | Film:130,30 min Glass:145,45 min |
Etching Line Width | 30m |
Adhesion | 5B |
Sheet Resistance | 40 m/sq |
Substrate | ITO Glass/Film, PET |
Reliability | 85, 85%RH, 240h,OK |
Storage | 6 months (0-10) |
- - - -


# Excellent laser cutting performance
Low sheet resistance

Excellent weatherability

Good hardness, strong adhesion

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We have deep cooperation with foreign experts with industry background, rich development experience and advanced technology, to create the most powerful R & D team, to meet the market demand of the competitive goods.

We are committed to improving the environment and people's lifes by using electronic paste technology innovation, aspire to become a first-class enterprise of the key materials in the field of electronic information industry in China, and develop green, energy saving, excellent products to practice our corporate values.

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