Transportation Vibration Testing Machine For Toys Electronics / Package

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Enviromental Test Chamer Transportation Vibration Tester for Toys Electronics and Package

Universal Vibration Test Machine/Simulated Transport Vibration Tester is applied to test the vibration-resistance of packed Toys, electronics, furniture, gift, ceramics, equipment, etc., under simulated transport conditions, according to American and EU transport standard (ASTM,IEC).

Simulation products in transportation state of environmental assess product packaging design, the rationality and structure strength.

Test object:Packaging for shipment of the products.
Test program:Will the packaging products with a certain speed vibration corresponding time.
Result assessment: By vibration testing products shall promote function and appearance were damaged.

Technical Parameters:
Vibrating frequency: 100-300rpm
Vibrating range: 25.4mm(1")
Timer : 0-99999 hour
Vibrating manner: Rotary (positives type)turn
Maximum load: 100kg 300kg 500kg 1000kg
Effective area of table: 110 X 98CM 130 X 120CM 180 X 150CM
Motor: 1HP(750W) 3HP(2.25kw) 5HP(3.75KW) 7HP(5.25KW)
Dimemsion: 120 X 110CM 140 X130CM 190 X 160CM

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