Furniture Fatigue Testing Machine , Chair Base Automatic Compression Testing Mac

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BIFMA 5.1 Furniture Testing Equipment Automatic Chair Base Compression Testing Machine

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The test shall be performed on all pedestal bases.
The purpose of this test is to evaluate the ability of a pedestal base to withstand excessive
vertical forces.

The machine used for the vertical pressure testing, destructive testing and fatigue testing use of the office chair Ipomoea base(Star Base) repeated pressure loading in setting force test cycle, as the fatigue test. Pressure on the size of the holding pressuretime and cycle number of tests can be adjusted.

Testing process
# # A force of 11,120 N (2,500 lbf.) shall be applied for one (1) minute.
# Remove the force.
# Apply a second force of 11,120 N (2,500 lbf.) for one (1) minute.
# Pressure capacity: 30000 N
# Force sensor resolution <10000
# Test speed: 0-50 mm / min
# Interface: Windows XP system, 256M memory, 17-inch color display
# Servo motor control, to maintain the feet of the plastic changes have been under the constant pressure type
# Breakpoint automatic shutdown
# Computerized automation, customers can write their own test program, the computer automatically generates power - time, force displacement curve.

Testing Standard
BIFMA X5.1 7 Clause

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