Desktop Servo Control Tensile Strength Testing Machine Convenient Operation

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Desktop Servo Control Tensile Strength Testing Machine Convenient Operation[ ]

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Desktop Servo Tensile Strength Tester is a simple type machine, simple structure, convenient operation, It can be tested on the operated table, Using the servo control systems, load sensor is rising and falling to test the tension or compression through the motor rotation, transmission machinery and T-screws. This machine is simple to operate, especially suitable for controlling quality in production line, This series of machine is mainly applied to test the non-metallic and metallic materials which the load is less than 1KN.
Main functions
This machine can test all the material in tensile, compression, bending, shear, peel, tear, two-point extended (need add extensometer) and others for control products quality. Such as textile, rubber, plastics, synthetic leather, tape, adhesive, plastic film, composite materials, electronics, metals and other materials,
Technical parameters
# # Maximum Load: 1KN high-precision sensors from U.S.A.
# Capacity choice: 200N, 500N, 1KN,200kg or less than can be self-selected
# Units: Kg, lb, N
# Measured System: Load cell + HZ-2000
# Accuracy of load measurement: the load cell + HZ-2000 screen 0.5% (full range of 5% -100%)
# Resolution: 1 / 50000
# Power Systems: Servo Motor
# Power: 120W
# Dimension: 450 550 1400mm
# Weight70kg
# Power 220V, 15A

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