15 ~ 35 Environmental Testing Chamber , Dust Test Chamber For Electronic Applian

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Enviromental Test Chamer Dust Test Chamber for Auto parts and electronic appliances

Dust Test Chamber is suitable for all kinds of auto parts and electronic appliances do dust prevention and dust resistant test, auto parts including lights, locks, electrical, instrumentation, dust cover, steering system, etc.; Electronic appliances such as mobile phones, computers and household appliances

Main Parameters

1.Temperature regulation range:RT+5~60(adjustable)
2.Metal mesh standard wire:50um
4. Wind Speed: 7.5/s
5. Test chamber mesh standard wire:75~100um

Use Environment

1. Temperature:15~35
2. Relative humidity :85%RH
3. No strong vibration around, Without strong electromagnetic fields
4. Without the high concentration of dust and corrosive materials around
5. No direct sunlight or other heat source direct radiation
6. Without a strong airflow around. When ambient air need forced flow, air flow should not be blown directly to the body
7. Test cases should be placed smooth, level.
8. Installation site well ventilated
9. Ground Benign

Construction and material

1. Test chamber inner shell for 3042 b stainless steel
2. Test chamber shell for 3042 b stainless steel
3. Purging motor for quality stainless steel shell, strong sealing, low noise, high wind speed
4. Inner box a funnel shaped, adjustable vibration period, dust float in the sky by the fall in the open holes in freedom
5. The door is equipped with observation window, can in the blowing dust stops the status of the sample in the oven

Control system

1. Equipped with Germany original programmable controller
2. Parameter setup is simple, without having to enter the program function table, can be directly into the parameters menu can be modified
3. To control the total time of test, purging the intermittent time and purging cycle
4. Using RKCDC type temperature controller, temperature can be adjusted in the RT + 5 ~ 60 , prevent the dust test is influenced by the moisture in the air in the oven and damp
5. Test and control cabinet for one-piece, lower installation castor, other system is hidden type, the beauty is generous

Safety protect

1. The temperature in the cabinet to protect, prevent the temperature control is out of control impact test
2. Three-phase voltage owe phase, phase sequence protection, prevent dust fan blowing reverse work

Testing Standards

1. IEC - 529 dustproof test method
2. GB4208-93 dustproof test method
3. GB2423.37-89 dustproof test method
4. GJB150.12 dustproof test method

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