Thermoelectric Power Generation Sheet TEG Peltier Cooling Module , Peltier Gener

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Thermoelectric Power Generation Sheet TEG Peltier Cooling Module , Peltier Generator

Working state one side is refrigerating and other side heating, work must be to the heating surface of good heat dissipation, strictly prohibited in the absence of heat dissipation under energized condition for more than 2 seconds
Install radiator must be coated with thermal grease.
A literal is cold, no literal is hot surface.

Thermoelectric power generating module (TEG) is one kind of power generating device which uses

the Seebeck Effect to convert heat source into electricity directly. It has the characteristics of compact structure, reliable performance, maintenance-free, working without noise, low-carbon and green. The heat source of TEG is extremely extensive. It will generate DC electricity continuously as long as there is temperature difference between both sides of module. Besides thermoelectric material, the factor which affects the generating capacity and conversion efficiency of TEG is the temperature difference. The larger temperature difference, the more generating capacity and higher conversion efficiency will be obtained.

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Part Number | TEG1-127-1.0-1.5-250 |
Hot side Temperature (Degree C) | 250 |
Cold Side Temperature (Degree C) | 30 |
Voltage open circuit (Volts) | 10.0 |
Matched load resistance (Ohm) | 6.6 |
Matched load output Voltage (Volts) | 5.0 |
Matched load output Current (Amps) | 0.8 |
Matched load output power (Watt) | 3.8 |
Heat flow across the module (Watt) | 76 |
Heat flow Density (Wcm2) | 8.4 |
AC resistance (Ohm) under 27 degree C | 4.1 |
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