Mobile Peltier Bath For Constant Temperature Themoelectric Cooling

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Mobile Peltier Bath For Constant Temperature Themoelectric Cooling

Adcol recirculating bath (tank) designed per customer request. ARB is used for LED manufacturing evaporating system , control the liquid in bath for 0.05C precision.
ART is widely used in every industry , maintain test temperature in 0.5C range . We also could design per customer request .

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ARB/T Part No. | Capacity(W) | Cool objective | Precision Temp. | Weight(kg) | Dimension(cm) | Bath Volume(L) |
ART-100-220VAC-A-00 | 100 | Air | 0.5C | 17 | W73xD45xH50 | 40 |
ARB-320-220VAC-A-00 | 320 | Liquid | 0.04C | 25 | W35xD51xH55 | 39 |
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- Fast cooling and heating with precise temperature
- Easy to operate
- Environmentally friendly and refrigerant-free
- Programmable Digital Temperature Controller
- System Error Monitor and alarm
- High reliability

Evaporation of chemicals for MOCVD
Temperature control of diffusion gas
Thermal test with immersion
Indirect temperature control of chemicals and liquid with high viscosity

Prevention of electric shock and fire

Do not operate the switch with wet hands . Also , do not operate the Thermoelectric Bath with water or fluid left on it .

Action in the case of error

If any error such as abnormal sounds, smoke , or bad smell occurs , cut off the power at once , and stop supplying facility water . Please contact Adcol or a sales distributor to repaire the Themoelectric Bath .

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