CE Peltier Temperature Controller , Mini Temperature Controller 48VDC Voltage

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Peltier Temperature Controller , Mini Temperature Controller 48VDC Voltage

Adcol ADTC200-48VDC-H/C Temperature controller was designed by Adcol Electronics Company, it is used major for Telecom Battery Cabinet TEC conditioner. This PCB controller has RS485 I/O, 4 switching value I/O, and up to 15A current with 48VDC supply.

Product Size :138mm(L)60mm(W) 35mm(H)

Features and Spec.:

1) Power supply :48VDC

2) Sensor :N TC

3) Start with Self checking :once power on(or press the REST Key)the PCB will conduct self-checking:Temperature Sensorouter faninner FanTEC.When the PCB doing self-checking, the green light twinkle,if check out any hardware problem, the red light will turn on for 5 seconds . After checking :

No any fault and green light on, PCB operate normally ;

Fault detect and red light on, green light off .

4)Temperature pre-setting for TEC :

Cooling start temperature - default 25 degree C,range from 20~40 degree C; Cooling close temperature - default 15 degree C , range from 10~25 degree C ;

Heating start temperature - default 5 degree C , Range from 0~10 degree C; Heating close temperature - default 15 degree C,Range from 10~20 degree C)

5) Ambient Temperature: 2070Humidity:20 %90 %(Non Condensing)

6) Pre-setting for Fan:

when the power on, and the temperature between cooling and heating, the inner fan will run at lower speed 2500 turn (could be set by software);

when the temperature reach the start point of heating or cooling, the TEC start to operate, and the inner fan will run at full speed(or set by software),at the same time, outer fan run at full speed too (could be set by software at different speed).

The fan speed measurement default to 2 pluses, could be reset basing on the fan pluses spec..

7) Removing Hydrogen I/O: by using MOS with DC48VDC output, could connect to dc Fan directly, Running time is 5 minutes each time, with an interval of 24 hrs adjustable.

8) Alarm: Relay output.

9) Communicate address Code: Could be set by the user

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