220VAC / 50HZ Peltier Thermoelectric Dehumidifier , Semiconductor Dehumidifier

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Peltier Thermoelectric Dehumidifier , Semiconductor Dehumidifier 220VAC / 50HZ

This product uses semiconductor cooler refrigeration, do not need to add any refrigerant, light and beautiful, stable structure, long-term continuous dehumidification. The use of imported humidity sensor, can accurately control the humidity of a particular space to achieve the effect of permanent dehumidification, to avoid changes in temperature generated by the secondary condensation of water vapor. And easy to operate, easy to install, widely used in power distribution cabinets, test cases and other specific space dehumidification.

Basic parameters

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Input voltage | 220VAC/50HZ |
Rated power | 35W |
Dimensions | 135*120*70mm |
The environment of usage | 5-60, Humidity is not greater than 90%RH |
Control precision | 5%Resolution:1%RH |
Design dehumidification capacity | 0.5L/day,@30,80%RH |
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1. Products using 220VAC / 50HZ AC power supply, the voltage fluctuation range of not more than 10%

2. Side wall panels, wall panels according to customer demand for distribution

3. This product is placed in the need to dehumidify the box, to ensure that the outlet down, and to ensure that the inlet and outlet flow

4. The bottom of the outlet pipe in the work will have condensate precipitation , It is necessary to use water pipes to export water from the cabinet

5. The dehumidifier should be avoided in the case of corrosive gases and strong magnetic fields, and avoided beyond the temperature range specified in basic parameters

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