Ultra Series 1.6M 1.9M Large Format Printing Machine With 5113 Head 120KG

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Ultra Series 1.6M 1.9M Graphic Eco Solvent Plotter Inkjet Printer With 5113

Main Features
1.Equipped with one or two 5113head, 1440dpi High resolution, CMYK 4 color printing
2.Can print both roll to roll printing media and work with flatbed, print directly on PS and KT board
3.Using Eco solvent ink, suitable for both indoor printing, Small odor good for enviroment.
4.Good printing soft ware machine. One year online tech suppor

specification parameters

- - - -
Model | Ultra-1601 |
Printing size | 1650mm |
Print head | Epson 5113 |
Number of printhead | Double |
Printing Resolution | 360x720dpi/720x1080dpi/1440x1440dpi |
4 Printhead speed | Production Mode 4pass: | 58.6m2/h |
Quality Mode 6pass: | 36.6m2/h |
High-precision Mode 8pass: | 29.2/h |
Ink | Type | water-based ink/dye sublimation ink |
Color | 4 colors (C/Y/M/K) |
Capacity | ink tank capacity :1000ml |
Ink supply system | negative pressure CISS |
Print media | Max weight | 120KG |
Type | pp ,photo,pape film,pvc backlit,reflective .theraml paper,canvas, |
Take up system | standard equipped |
Printhead clearing | Owning anti-blocking,auto flash$moisturizing function |
Heating system | tri-stage heating system control by PID temperature control system |
External Drying apperaratus | environment ener-gy-saving sectional dry fans adjustable according to printing width |
Transfer Port | 100M/Net-port printing |
Language | English/Chinese |
Print interface | HI-USB 2.0 |
RIP software | 5.3Maintop/photoprint/Wasatch |
Operation environment | T:18-25.H:40%-60% |
Input power | AC220v,50/60Hz |
Noise | standby:<32dB work:<65dB |
G.W | 350KG |
Packing size | 2715x1095x800mm(LxWxH) |
- - - -

products features and advantages

Easy Operation printing
1. Auto media detect.measure media width ,and set print origin automati-cally
2. Auto anti-scraping ,auto pause if media wrinkle to protect head.
3. Auto media sensor,stop printing automatically when no media
4. ife-press pause function,make sure machine can not work until media fix well

Inventive inkjet Technology realize supe-quality print

1. Alterable ink droplet:
three different sizes of ink droplet help realize high quality prints work not only
in high resolution mode but also in high speed. low resolution mode
2.Three-section intelligent heater:
Automatically heat media to proper temperature ,improve ink dyeing property and

Double Epson 5113 printheads

Epson printhead 5113 have 8 lines,400 Nozzles per line ,total 3200
nozzles. width is 1.3 inch.30% more than DX5, DX7 head,So it can realize
high speed printing based on 3 pass mode,improved pirnting efficiency

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